others. maruyama - Planning and management

others.は勉強や仕事、読書など自分だけの時間を楽しんだり、 友人や恋人とコーヒーや料理を嗜みながら語り合ったり、 心のままに自分らしい時間を過ごせる第3の場所。
“others.” is a third place where you can enjoy your own time for study, work, reading, etc., or talk with friends and loved ones over coffee and food, and spend your own time as your heart pleases.
"Sensibility" is the power to transform "emotion" into “reason". Through food culture, we select and create things that match the "sensibility" of our time in terms of taste, shape, color, aroma, touch, etc., and create a unique sense of the world to provide "emotions" such as joy and comfort.
"Resonance" creates "sympathy”. We "resonate" and transmit our thoughts on product manufacturing. With the idea of having people "sympathize" with us, we provide a place where communication can be promoted and mutual understanding can be deepened.