THE SANDO - Planning and management

北海道・十勝産の素材を使った、 他にはない「ふんわりしっとり」した食感が新感覚のスイーツ “MODERN SAND”専門店。
ここにしかないオリジナルスイーツ“MODERN SAND”は 北海道十勝産の素材を使用したふわふわしっとりの生地と 意外な組み合わせの具材をサンドした新感覚のスイーツ。
Our original sweets called "MODERN SAND" can be found only here. It is a new kind of sweets made with ingredients from Hokkaido Tokachi, a surprising combination of filling sandwiched in fluffy, moist dough.
"SAND" is a Japanese-made English word that is an abbreviation of "sandwich". We spelled it "SANDO" to incorporate the "DO" of our Doban (bronze plate). "SANDO" also means "mountain road", representing the road station at the foot of the mountains. "SANDO" can also mean "three times", conveying our wish for you to come back again many times. We added the definite article "THE" to give a sense of uniqueness that can only be found here.